Growth Groups - Sunday Morning

Spanish Sunday School
Pastor Javier Vargas

VIP’s (Senior Adult Group)
Jorge and Maria Rivera

Fear God, Not Man
Pastor Mortensen and Walt Bechtel

The Gospel of John
Shane Schroeder
This class will look at one theme per chapter per Sunday from the Gospel of John. John magnifies Jesus as God throughout the book. Come learn more about the Savior who gave His life for you.

Biblical and Unconditional Love for Our Children
Marcus and Lydia Mortensen
God’s Word teaches about unconditional love and Jesus models unconditional love, but how does that unconditional love play itself out inside the family. Join us on Sundays as we use a resource by Gary Chapman, 5 Love Languages of Children, and discover how we can love our kids like Christ loves us. This group is designed to be interactive where we learn from God’s Word together and rely upon each other for practical wisdom.


Growth Groups - Wednesday Evening

Casting Down Imaginations
Ramon Javier
Communicating bible truth to a skeptical world

Choosing Forgiveness
Karen Schroeder
In this ladies-only Bible study, we will discover the freedom and healing that can come from a forgiving spirit. We will look at ways of putting God's grace and mercy into practice by forgiving others as God has forgiven us.

Discipleship Class - Living the Exchange
Shane Schroeder
Have you ever wondered why we do what we do in church? Do you ever feel like there are things other people easily understand about church, but no one has taught you? Do you realize you're at a point in your faith where you should be discipling others, but you don't even know how to start? Come to this Wednesday night class based on the Living the Exchange curriculum and get the answers you need.

Sermon on the Mount
Pastor Marc Mortensen

Vertical Marriage
Marcus and Lydia Mortensen
The most important relationship in our life is our relationship with God. If our relationship with God is not where it needs to be, we will struggle in our other relationships (including marriage.) Join us for a small group video series by Dave and Ann Wilson on Vertical Marriage: Discover The One Secret That Will Change Your Marriage. Vertical Marriage small-group study includes humorous and relatable video sessions followed by group discussion. Dave and Ann share intimate, details of their own stories and join participants in practically working towards a vibrant marriage on a foundation of active faith.

¿Quien es Jesucristo?
Javier Vargaas
Si te gustaría poder compartir en un ambiente donde tengas la oportunidad de preguntar y participar de manera más activa sobre temas de la Biblia, con el fin de crecer y llegar a la unidad de la fe con tu iglesia. Te invitamos a participar de esta clase, preparada para aquellos que quieran conocer más de Dios y su Palabra. En esta temporada, podremos reflexionar sobre quién es Jesucristo en nuestras vidas.